If you choose to request and complete a Connect Contact Form through Some 1 Like You L3C to be matched to someone else based on the health conditions you experience, then the following is how we will use and disclose your de-identified information: We will use your email address to connect you with other people who match the criteria listed that they are also looking for in someone else. Your information is kept private & secure. The only data shared with another member is the email address you provide on your contact form and each alike quality you both submit in order to connect. No social profiles, user IDs or message boards are necessary. We do the searching for you! All matches are sent to our members via encrypted email. Communications are only done between members, so you or your child's health information & conversations will not be made public nor sold. 
 For the safety of children, Some 1 Like You will only share your email address with another adult. Children under the age of 18 years old are not authorized to use our connection site. It is then up to the discretion of the adult whether or not they choose to share information regarding their own child with their match. Some 1 Like You will not monitor or endorse communications in any way and is not responsible for any information shared. It is our hope to connect each of our members with another member who matches what they are looking for in someone else in regards to their specific health condition qualities; however, we can not guarantee results. By submitting your Connect Contact Form, you attest that all qualities are applicable either to you or your affected child. Additionally, you consent to have your email address shared with other members who are looking for the same qualities as you, that you are 18 years of age or older, and that you assume any risk when volunteering your information to your future match(es).
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Within 48 hours, your secure form will begin to be processed in our secure database. Upon completion of initial processing, it typically takes 2-3 business days for potential matches to be identified. At that point, you and potential connections will both be given to each other's email addresses. If at your initial submission your entries do not produce a connection, we will continue to check for you as each new member enters our system. We will then continue to track your potential future connections under the same qualifiers you have submitted.

Moving forward, you may share 1 email or 100 phone calls with each other! Choose to share experiences, ask questions, words of encouragement, or perhaps even share doctors. It's truly up to you. Your communications are not monitored or endorsed by Some 1 Like You. We are simply your matchmakers!

Your number of connections will ultimately be determined by how specific you are when you list the qualities (symptoms, challenges, diseases, etc) you are looking to identify with someone else with. The more qualities you include, the greater the chance you will find someone that can identify with one or more of them!

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