White vinyl BE KIND decals are durable & ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Perfect for use on water bottles, laptops, or even your car! Spread the universal message of hope to BE KIND, while helping connect families in health crises at Ronald McDonald House Charities. 

Vinyl Decal Indoor/Outdoor

  • Our BE KIND vinyl decals are easy to install because a special tape holds the design together so they can be transferred trouble-free! 


    To install the decal:


    1. Slowly peel the transfer tape from the paper backing. Your decal will stick to it and lift off the backing as well. 


    2. Place your decal on your desired surface and use your fingers to apply pressure all over the design so it firmly adheres. Use a credit card to reinforce the adhesion by applying even pressure along the letters. You may want to leave the transfer tape on for 24 hours prior to peeling off for use where water will come in contact with your decal for extra adhesion.


    3. Slowly remove the transfer tape to avoid remove the decal with it. Peeling at a 180 degree angle makes it easier to remove the tape. 


    4. Enjoy spreading the universal message of hope!